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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How Does Geography Impact You?

In class we have been thinking about the five themes of geography. Location, where a place is located on a map. Place, what makes one place different from other places; these differences could be physical features, climate or the people who live there. Human-environment interaction, the relationships between humans and the environment and how people have changed the environment to better suit their needs. Movement, the patterns of movement of people and how they get around, products and ideas. Region, characteristics of the area, politics, language, religion. We are taking a look at how these five themes shape the lives we live. For myself, having grown up in the Northwest, my childhood was full of trips to the coast and hikes in the mountains. Now, as an adult, these are some of my favorite places to visit. Would I have different preferences if I had grown up in the Mid-West? Think about how your geography shapes who you are. Over the next few weeks, ask people in your family and your friends, how they think geography has shaped who they are.

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  1. My parents grew up in California and they went to the beach every day after school.